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For a large majority of people clothes are just a necessity of life, but sometimes your garments can really surprise you. It can be everything- beginning from a ring, which is carrying you luck, up to an evening dress, which can fundamentally change your life. And also we believe that our goods are so temporary, that you will definitely be bored of them in few weeks, but what if you give a chance to your piece of cloth? What if they can have few lives?

It was my 16th birthday and I was expected some unusual and special presents. I got some jewelry from my mother, a new mobile phone from my father, and also some odds and ends from my friends. I knew that my grandparents are going to present me something cute, but not cool, as usual. And I was right. This time it was an awful long knitted dress. Even then I was confident that it will gather dust in my closet.

After some time I was cleaning my room and suddenly I found this dress, which looked to me not as bad as the first time. And I've decided to wear it once. It was quite weird, because my style at that time was completely different, but I wanted to try. After some time I found myself wearing it nearly twice a week, and as it was knitted, the fabric on a knee area started to stretch awfully. I could not wear it, but it became my favorite! So I've decided that there is nothing to lose, and I went to my aunt to help me with cutting it to a short dress. As well as she was a sewer, she helped me easily.

Voila! I had a nice attractive shots knitted dress. I was wearing it with high hills, and it looked amazing. My grandmother was shocked when she seen it in such interpretation, but she was happy to know I was wearing her present.
After a while, still being my favorite, I've mentioned a hole on it. So, my dress was waiting for some big changes. I went to my aunt again to ask her to alter my dress in sweater.

Who would have thought that the fate of my dress would be such unpredictable? I was wearing this sweater with the same feelings that I had before. Friends envied me, and were always asking where I got such a nice sweater. If they only knew the whole story, they would be at least surprised.

Then the same trouble with stretching happened to the fabric on elbows. But I already knew what to do. And I made a vest. Since the tissue was already quite old, after conversion my vest looked like a vintage one. So I put some brooches on, and it was so cool to wear it with shirts.

Changes give you the feeling that you are alive.


Утро началось прекрасно. Вставать в 6 оказалось жутко приятным занятием: ловить на себе оттенки раннего солнца, завтракать с открытым окном без жуткого шума машин, постоянно врывающийся в кухню, стоит только повернуть ручку. До важных дел времени еще много, не поехать ли мне на винтажный рынок? 

Когда велосипед становится твоим транспортом, не накаченные ноги становятся твоим врагом. Но я буду сражаться до конца. А точнее до рынка. В последнее время стала замечать, что каждый день на мне как минимум одна винтажная вещь. Будь то кольцо или целое платье. Забавно, ведь вещи не новые, а смотрятся просто фантастически. Так что и в этот раз я решила поискать что-нибудь фантастическое за 1 евро (в Риме это нормальная цена за юбку Prada 1978 года, например).

Слушать музыку во время поисков- вещь обязательная. Во первых создается определенное настроение, а во вторых когда не слышишь эти нападки с предложениями со стороны продавцов, как-то легче. 

Итак: 3 часа
25 евро
4 сигареты
2 альбома Cocorosie
1 файт с продавцом по поводу цены
и что мы имеем:
4 юбки
1 платье
1 пара сережек
2 сумки
3 футболки для Алехандро
1 штаны для Патриции
2 рубашки

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